The palm sized TERA-Light Mini Pocket Piston is the newest evolution in the TERA-Light design and features a unique new pressure release design.

Special features:

- The Mini is significantly smaller than the standard size TERA-Light and weighs only 2 ounces. 

- The re-designed pressure relief system features a  "quad lead" thread design. Since it has four starting threads only a 1/4 turn is required to release the trapped air. 

- With a full turn the cap can be removed completely, leaving the cylinder open on both ends for easy maintenence.

- Like it's larger  brothers, the Mini is also available with the hidden fero rod for a secondary fire starting option. 

- The Mini Pocket Piston is available SILVER and RED.
NEW!  Mini Pocket Piston

Material - 6061 Aluminum
Length - 3.4"
Diameter - 3/4"
Weight - 2 oz. 
TERA-Light Mini I - $52.95
TERA-Light Mini II ( with hidden ferro rod ) - $56.95
TERA-Light Mini I Red - $54.95
TERA-Light Mini II Red - $58.95

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Mini II with hidden Fero rod

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