Our Buckskin Tinder Pouches are made from premium quality deerskin leather. These are the best we've seen.   $15.00
Charcloth Tinder Kit - only $7.95

Now you can make your own charcloth at home so you'll have a never ending supply of tinder for your fire pistion or flint and steel fire making.

Kit includes a metal tin, roll of 100% cotton fabric and our foolproof instructions. 

Mini Nylon Belt Pack - Room to store your fire piston and fire making supplies.   $8.95  
Survival Pod Upgrade - The Survival Pod piston is interchangeable with the standard piston. It features an O ring sealed screw cap and houses both a hidden fero rod and solar burning lens with room to store tinder, cotton ball or other necesities. Compatible with all existing models.  $21.99
Click here to place an order
Click here to place an order