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Our original non-vented Scout fire piston is constructed entirely from modern space age materials and engineered to hold up under the harshest outdoor environments.

This compression fire starter was designed with the modern hiker, backpacker and survivalist in mind and features a high compression O ring seal for dependability. It’s completely water proof and impervious to the elements. 

Only $35.00

Charcloth Tinder Kit - only $7.95

Now you can make your own charcloth at home so you'll have a never ending supply of tinder for your fire piston or flint and steel fire making.

Kit includes a metal tin, roll of 100% cotton fabric and our foolproof instructions. 

"I just wanted to send you a quick note that I received my Scout fire piston today and I absolutely love it.  Every site about fire pistons that I visited seemed to mentioned you and now I see why.  Your equipment is the best.  Thanks again.  I know you were super busy when I purchased my fire piston and it took a while to receive, but like they say great things come to those who wait and I am so happy after my wait.  I will recommend your fire pistons to everyone that comes to my survival and primitive skills classes.  Thanks again."

Brad Freidhof

"I just received the fire piston I ordered from your website. First off, my order only took 3 days to reach my front door. I ordered a second generation "char coal" and let me just tell you, I am more than happy with my order. Not only did was it promptly delivered, but the quality of my fire piston is superb! I couldn't wait to try it out. I immediately took it out, placed a small piece of the char cloth you supplied into the piston, gave it ONE solid whack, and it fired right up! This thing works FANTASTICLY! I can't say enough positive things about it! Of course, I spent the rest of the day trying out everything I could find for tinder and it fired up, EVERY SINGLE TIME! Thank you so much for the EXCELLENT quality! Keep up the good work!

Tom Sideris
Free fire piston !!

Purchase the Troop 5 Pack and receive 5 fire pistons for the price of 4.  You get one fire piston for free.

Two free fire pistons !!

With the Scouter 10 pack you get 10 for the price of 8 . A $70 savings and 2 free fire pistons. 

Burning Lens Kit 

Light your fire using the rays of the sun with our solar burning lens kit. Comes with 2"ground glass lens, charcloth and jute nesting bundle. Only $9.95
Matchless Fire Combo features 4 ways to make fire without matches
Kit includes:

Save 20% 

These items would cost $68.00  if purchased separately. Buy the Combo for only $54.99
Need several for a group?
Or...a larger  group?
The original Scout fire piston is a great performer and entry level fire starter - but it has one drawback. Since its non-vented, trapped air inside the cylinder causes the piston to pop back out as if on a spring.  

For 2013, we've upgraded the Scout by adding our Patent Pending 2nd Generation pressure relief valve. Simply open the valve 1/2 turn and depress the piston to vent.

Both models feature an aluminum shaft and paracord belt loop. The Scout Master has a detachable aluminum cap, hidden fero rod and scraping blade.
Scout Pro - $44.95
Scout Master - with hidden fero rod - $52.95

After closing the pressure relief valve, the piston is retained by vacuum. This enables the piston to be carried upside down without risk of losing the piston. 
NEW! - See the Accessories page to add a new Survival Pod piston. Contains a hidden fero rod, solar burning lens and room for tinder. Three ways to make fire in one device. 
Click here to place an order
Click here to place an order
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