Fire Making DVD's
Fire Volume 1 - Tom Laskowski and Glen Monaghan of Midwest Native Skills Institute lead you through one of the most comprehensive guides available on primitive fire making. You will learn;

     - One Match Fires
     - Flint & Steel
     - Bow Drill
     - Hand Drill

The video uses a "stepped" approach to teaching you the skill in 3 stages: "the Modern Way", the "Semi-Primitive Way", and the truly "Primitive Way".

1 hour 45 min.  Price- $26.95
Fire Volume 2 - An amazing video documenting over 40 ways to make a fire without matches ranging from the less know primitive methods of fire making to techniques for making Fire from such unlikely source such as Water or Ice.  This video will get you thinking "outside the box"  when it comes to fire making as you see how to make fire from the desert JELLO®, antifreeze from you car's radiator, or even a light bulb. Run time - 1 hour, 55 min.

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